Leman Classical School Foundation

All that makes Leman Academy of Excellence special can be summarized by one unifying concept: relationships. LCS Foundation honors these relationships by nurturing a school culture that prioritizes safety, fosters the longevity of our community and clearly communicates the value each individual brings to the whole. We believe that these inspiring goals ultimately safeguard the mission and vision of Leman Academy of Excellence and support its scholars, faculty and unique educational programs.

Leman Academy of Excellence: The Art & Science of Relationships

  1. Classical Education drives on interconnected curriculum, allowing scholars to find the natural relationship between subjects. What they read about in literature shows itself if art and music, perfectly reflecting the struggle and beauty of a given moment in history.
  2. Family psychologist, Dr. Kevin Leman, has built a national brand based upon his parenting philosophies and child development research. He has written 63+ books, most of which are New York Times best-sellers and have helped millions of families raise children. His books recognize the value of relationships, teaching families how to create healthy relationships and then nurture those connections.
  3. Charlotte Mason, an English educator working at the turn of the century, viewed education as a “science of relations.” She pioneered a fundamentally new approach to education that sparks the imagination of a child through subject matter.
  4. Relational Discipline is the framework for classroom management. Leman Academy of Excellence teachers have internalized these concepts in the professional development and training provided:
    - A child won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
    - Relationships need to be shepherded and given great reverence.
    - When scholars feel emotionally and relationally safe they can relax, allowing their brains to feed on a rich, inter-related curriculum.
    - Children must be held accountable for their behavior, but never have their spirit broken.
    - Encouragement is the modality for learning from mistakes.
  5. The most important relationship is with family. Leman Academy of Excellence and its faculty strive to be an extension of the home by partnering with supportive parents and honoring family time. This means no homework on breaks or over weekends and understanding that well rounded scholars excel with extracurricular activities, not endless hours of homework.