Your generous donations promote well-rounded citizens grounded in virtue and values with the ability to facilitate innovation and problem-solving in an increasingly complex world.

Royal Teachers’ Fund

Teachers are the heart of Leman Academy of Excellence.  They shape the lives of our scholars and fuel their growth and development each day. The lessons they teach extend beyond the classroom, helping us raise morally conscious leaders, guided by virtue.

The Leman Academy Governing Board is committed to recruiting top candidates and heavily investing in professional development to ensure scholars and families benefit from Classically trained teachers who embrace relational discipline, Dr. Leman’s philosophies, and Charlotte Mason’s educational methodology.  Fostering the longevity of our community is an essential component to safeguarding the investment allocated to training faculty and staff.

Your financial support helps to recognize and support our most valuable asset: teachers and staff.  The Royal Teacher’s Fund provides annual bonuses that keeps compensation competitive and rewards best practices, community involvement, tenure and training.

School Safety & Security

Programs to enhance Leman Academy’s pre-existing comprehensive plan for safety and security are driven by research-based strategies and with the advisement of law enforcement professionals, Douglas County School District protocol, and representatives from the County Commissioner. Additionally, Leman Academy School leadership and administrators have attended community forums and collaborated with the DCSD charter school community to inform a safety plan that is based in best practices.

We believe that scholars and parents need to feel physically safe; this helps build confidence and trust in the relationships between administration, parents and scholars. Equally important is emotional security; programs, curriculum and dedicated faculty positions are the building blocks for creating a safe environment that allows scholars to open up and share their vulnerabilities. This is the path forward to preventing school violence.

Your donation to enhance the safety and security systems already in place at Leman Academy will fund items such as, but not limited to:

  1. School climate assessment to identify areas to focus additional attention.
  2. Social emotional curriculum that correlates with the philosophies of Dr. Leman and Charlotte Masson that are already integrated into the Leman Academy Culture.
  3. Implementing recommendations of the County Commissioner, law enforcement professionals and DCSD Physical School Safety and Security Committee. Specific details on security detail and building hardening are kept confidential so as not to compromise the security measures in place.
  4. Training our community on Standard Response Protocol process and reporting technology.
  5. Mental health staffing to proactively foster healthy, open and respectful peer-to-peer interactions and ensure every scholar has a safe adult he or she can talk to.

General Fund:

Gifts made to the general fund allow administrators to allocate funding where it is needed most. Your support could help bridge the gap in fundraising goals, augmenting the art, theater and music program, or plan ahead for anticipated capital needs.

No matter where you give, your donations help Leman Academy of Excellence teacher, administrators and leaders safeguard the vision and mission of the school. Together we develop well-rounded citizens grounded in virtue and values with the ability to facilitate innovation and problem-solving in an increasingly complex world.